Piacere - to like in Italian

Piacere Italian – How to say ‘I like’ in Italian

How Do I Say I Like In Italian? If you want to say I like you, I like dancing, I like food, I like going out with my friends,…
Italian food

Italian Phrases For Food – Simple, Useful Phrases For Everyday Use

Each one of us enjoys different things, but we can all agree on one thing: We all enjoy well-prepared food! As Virginia Woolf…
Indirect Pronouns Italian

Italian Indirect Object Pronouns – A Simple Guide

Lean how to use indirect object pronouns in Italian, stressed and unsressed, and how to distinguish them from the direct object pronouns.
Italian Conditional

Italian Condizionale – Present And Past Conditional in Italian

What Is The Italian Condizionale? The Italian conditional tense, or condizionale, is a mood used to describe all the situations…

Passato Remoto Italian- Not Much Used, But Still Alive

What Is The Passato Remoto In Italian? Passato remoto is  one of the past tenses in Italian. As we know the most used past…
why learn italian

Why Learn Italian? 15 Reasons to Learn This Beautiful Language

Are you hesitating what hobby you should dedicate yourself to? A hobby that will be both amusing and useful to you? If you are…
Italian Direct Object Pronouns

Italian Direct Object Pronouns – A Quick Guide

Learn Italian Direct Object Pronouns: discover how to use direct object pronouns in Italian with an easy guide and a lot of examples in Italian.
Italian Congiuntivo

Italian Congiuntivo – Everything You Need to Know

The Subjunctive, or congiuntivo in Italian, is a mood that you can find in many situations, mostly used to connect…
The image signifies the Italian future tense

Italian Future Tense – How To Talk About Future Events In Italian

Italian future tense - Learn how to use the future tense in Italian and talk about future events. With conjugation tables and examples.

Italian Reflexive Verbs – An Easy Guide

What is an Italian reflexive verb? A reflexive verb, in Italian verbo riflessivo, is a verb that ends in -si in its infinitive…
Image indicating Italian Possessive Adjectives

Italian Possessive Adjectives – How To Use ‘Aggettivi Possessivi’

What is a possessive adjective?  Possessive adjectives, in Italian aggettivi possessivi, are those that indicate possession or…

Italian Numbers – Counting in Italian

If you want to learn Italian language, numbers are one of the first things you must learn! What are Italian Numbers? In…
Italian Passato Prossimo

Passato Prossimo Italian – The Most Used Past Tense in Italian

  What is the Passato Prossimo? Passato Prossimo is the main past tense in Italian. In English this would be the simple past…

Italian Question Words and How to Use Them

What is a question word? The Italian question words are dove? quando? perché? chi? che cosa? quale / quali? come? quanto?…
italian music learn italian

10 Easy Italian Songs for Beginners – Learn Italian through Music

The most important thing you must do when trying to improve your listening skills in a foreign language is to choose materials…
italian days of the week and calendar

Days of the Week in Italian – A Complete Guide

One of the first things that you want to do when learning Italian is to learn how to say the days of the week. How to use…
italian prepositions

Italian Prepositions – A Definitive Guide with Examples

What is a preposition? A preposition, in Italian preposizione, is the part of the speech that connects words or sentences,…
italian books

Italian Definite Articles Chart – An Easy Guide

What is a definite article? The definite article, in Italian articolo determinativo, is the part of the speech that introduces…
burano italy boats in canal

The Best Way To Learn Italian On Your Own – 5 Keys to Success

Learning Italian, especially as an American who only speaks English, isn’t easy.  It takes a serious time commitment and…

25 Amazing Learn Italian YouTube Channels

Learning Italian has never been easier than it is today. With the amount of free resources online you have an endless supply of…