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25 Amazing Learn Italian YouTube Channels

Learning Italian has never been easier than it is today. With the amount of free resources online you have an endless supply of free Italian content at your fingertips.  One of the best resources I’ve found for learning Italian is YouTube. There you can find videos covering everything from Italian grammar basics for beginners to […]

Am I Too Old to Learn Italian?

I started learning Italian in my 40’s so when I hear the question “Am I too old to learn Italian” I am quick to reply.  You are never too old to learn Italian.  One of the most damaging myths in learning Italian is the idea that once we reach a certain age we are too […]

How Many Words Are In The Italian Language?

I’ve been studying Italian for several years now and there always seems to be a new word I come across. So I was curious: How many words are in the Italian language? According to the Grande Dizionario Italiano dell’Uso there are over 260,000 words in the Italian language. This Italian dictionary was edited by famed […]

Do I Need To Speak Italian To Visit Italy?

Since I visit Italy often people will ask me questions about how to make the most of their upcoming trip.  One question I receive often is “Do I need to speak Italian to visit Italy?”. You do not need to speak Italian to visit Italy. Most Italians working at tourist destinations such as hotels, restaurants, […]