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Italian Possessive Adjectives – How To Use ‘Aggettivi Possessivi’

What is a possessive adjective?  Possessive adjectives, in Italian aggettivi possessivi, are those that indicate possession or ownership. The Italian possessive adjectives correspond to the English “my,” “your,” “his,” “her,” “its,” “our,” and “their.” The possessive adjectives are a fundamental part of the speech that you need to know to be able to speak Italian […]

Italian Prepositions – A Definitive Guide with Examples

What is a preposition? A preposition, in Italian preposizione, is the part of the speech that connects words or sentences, specifying the relationship between them. Italian prepositions are nine: in, con, su, per, tra, fra, a, da, di. The prepositions in, a, su, a, di, da combine into one word if followed by a definite […]

Italian Definite Articles Chart – An Easy Guide

What is a definite article? The definite article, in Italian articolo determinativo, is the part of the speech that introduces and defines a noun. While in English The is the only definite article, in Italian there are seven different forms to express the definite article. That happens because the article needs to agree in gender […]