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How Do You Say Very Good in Italian?

Knowing how to say very good in Italian can help you saying the right thing in every situation. Italians use this expression quite a lot and you can employ it to answer questions such as “How are you?” or “How was your food” but also as a general exclamation. We can translate very good in […]

28 Italian Exclamations to make you sound like a local

Whether you’ve been studying Italian for years now or you’re a beginner, Italian exclamations are an essential addition to your vocabulary. Probably you won’t find them in books, but you’ll surely hear them all over the streets, among Italian people. But, first of all, what are Italian exclamations? Interjection or exclamation is a part of […]

Family in Italian – Vocabulary and Phrases

Family in Italian You will agree that la famiglia, family in Italian, is the most important thing we all have. Family in Italian is fundamental and plays a very important role in Italian culture and traditions. If you have watched any Italian TV series or comedies lately, you probably noticed how big the families portrayed […]

Italian Imperfetto – The tense of storytelling

Italian Imperfetto is one of the most simple Past Tense, but it can be very confusing since most non-romance languages don’t use it. Also, it is one of the most used past tenses along with Passato Prossimo and it can be very tricky to understand when to use Italian Imperfetto or Passato prossimo learning their differences […]


Che in Italian – what does che mean?

After pizza and pasta, che in Italian is the most frequently used word. But unlike pasta and pizza, che has many different uses and meanings. Che in Italian can be a relative pronoun, an interrogative adjective and pronoun, an indefinite adjective and pronoun, a conjunction, an adverb and more. You can translate it as that, […]


Fare in italian – 50 Common Uses

At the very beginning of your learning journey you will surely use the verb fare in Italian. Fare in Italian is an irregular verb of the first conjugation. It translates to do, to make and a lot of other English verbs and expressions according to the context: you can use fare to talk about work, […]

Italian phrases for travelers – Essential vocabulary

Learn essential Italian phrases for travelers Traveling to Italy is a dream, an exciting adventure that’s filled with great food, amazing places, and sunshine. The history and nature throughout the country are fascinating, however there’s one thing that you should keep in mind! Speaking some Italian is important if you’re visiting Italy! So before you […]