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An Italian festival for all tastes

Do you want to plan your next trip to Italy, but you don’t know when? Naturally, it’s always a good moment to visit the Bel Paese. In Italy, each month has its appeal and holidays, both religious and public. For instance, Italian New Year’s celebrations or the 1st of May concert in Rome will ensure […]

15 common Italian stereotypes

In my experience, every Italian I know has tried to demonstrate that Italian stereotypes could be very tricky. What is an Italian Stereotype? A Stereotype is a simplified and persistent subjective characteristic applied to a place, an object, an event or to a recognizable group of people who share certain characteristics or qualities. It is […]

Italian Easter traditions and vocabulary

Taking part in Italian Easter traditions and celebrations is a good start to deepen one’s Italian language and culture knowledge. what is Italian Easter? As a matter of fact, Easter in Italy is a very important feast and it is second only to Christmas. Besides, the various Italian Easter traditions have ancient roots and are […]